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The unrivalled compensation calculator for unfair dismissal & other employment claims - first case free.

The Employment Claims Toolkit makes assessing the value of employment claims quicker, more accurate and more consistent.

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New rates from 6 April 2024

The Toolkit has now been updated with the new rates and caps which are applicable from 6 April 2024. These new rates will be picked up automatically for any EDT on or after 6 April 2023. The main changes are:

The new tax bands, again in force from 6 April 2024, have also been added to the Tax screen. 

The tax rates and bands remain unchanged in England and Wales. 

However, an extra tax band has been added for Scotland and the thresholds have changed. A new tax rate of 45% has been created for earnings between £75,000 and £125,140 and top rate of tax is now 48%.

Why use the Toolkit?

It is the ideal tool for making an early assessment of what is at stake in any employment grievance, negotiation or litigation. 

Watch a recording of the webinar we presented in April 2017 to employment judges throughout the country to help you understand how it works in practice.

Now also used in private practice, FTSE100 in-house legal teams and unions - for both claimant and respondent - the Employment Claims Toolkit is rapidly becoming the standard for calculating remedy in all employment disputes.

Use the Toolkit throughout the life of any employment dispute to

  1. get a quick assessment of what is at stake
  2. agree an accurate statement of remedy for early conciliation and negotiation
  3. produce a polished statement of remedy for the hearing
  4. adjust to reflect any agreed settlement or a final award - complete with grossing up and recoupment
  5. help manage risk for your firm and your insurers 

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