Employment Claims Toolkit

Why subscribe?

10 compelling reasons why you should use the Toolkit  

1. You can concentrate on your client not the maths. The Toolkit instantly and accurately recalculates your schedule as dates, claim types and other variables change - so you can devote more time to representing your client and less time checking the figures

2. It can handle basic and complex cases. The Toolkit works for all employment claims - from a basic procedural unfair dismissal claim to a complex combined wrongful, unfair and discrimination claims. It also handles claims while still in employment, such as discrimination, protective awards and TUPE 

3. All the rules imposed by regulations, legislation and case-law are built-in. For example, adjustments are calculated in the right order, the current weekly pay maximum is enforced according to the Effective Date of Termination and your schedules flag up the compensation cap if it applies

4. We keep it up to date so you don't have to. Changes to weekly pay limits, the compensation cap and anything that comes along are automatically applied so you can carry on using the Toolkit without worrying about it being up to date - or spending time updating and testing your own spreadsheet

5. You can use it anywhere. The Toolkit works in a browser and is all online so there's no need to download special software and your data is up to date regardless of which computer you are using

6. You can use it on any device. Use it on a desktop, lap-top, iPad or tablet

7. You can use it for mediation and negotiation: if you are a Professional subscriber you can copy cases and create a separate schedule allowing you to illustrate scenarios to your client or the other side

8. You can work more easily with your client and with others. Professional users can import data from other users. That could be the other side, a judge or you can refer your client to register as a Free user and then import any data they have entered.

9. You can get started for free. All users get a free first schedule so you can test out the features with no strings attached. 

10. You can use it to make your practice more efficient. Send your client to the site to enter data (as a Free user), then you can import their data into your Professional account and take it from there - saving you time, reducing the risk of error and presenting a professional, modern image to your client.